What's Loved, Lives


It was one of those bittersweet summer days where the weather’s aweing; nature is blooming beautifully, and everything that can go wrong, does.

Its wasn’t enough for Kim Jaejoong to oversleep and inevitably miss his first class of the day (the one class that he had to go to summer school for due to failure to attend in the first place). He also had to trip down the stairs, rip his pants leg on a nail that just so happened to be jutting out of the wall, and run back up the stairs to change, only to realize that all his clothes were dirty.

It then occurred to him while he was sniffing the clothes in his basket for a pair of somewhat clean pants that he might have, probably, most likely, forgot to do his homework-again.


It was 10 AM by the time Jaejoong was finally sprinting out of his house and hoping for nothing that he wouldn’t be late for his next class.

(He was late, but we won’t get into that. Jaejoong pitifully sniffled to himself as he sat outside the classroom as punishment. Well, at the least teacher didn’t check his homework.)





Meanwhile in Jaejoong’s empty and now messy room, rays of sunlight peeked through the window, highlighting the desk in front of it. It was quite large in size- boastful in length and width- and just perfect for all the stuff that Jaejoong had scattered about on it.

The half of the desk closest to Jaejoong’s leather chair was covered in books, papers, pens, pencils, and balled up ideas left to be trashed. The other half by the window, however, was left completely untouched, save for the four objects occupying the grand space.

To the far left corner of the desk was a stuffed Deer animal; it sat almost majestically (as majestic as a stuffed animal can get, at least) in a throne like chair. Next to it was a stuffed Sheep animal laid precariously on a flat soccer ball, and to the sheep’s right was a Tiger animal; a small Bambi blanket was wrapped securely around it. Finally, next to the tiger and to the far right, was a pink stuffed Rabbit animal. It had a cute little bow tie and headphones hanging around its neck.

They each were set in their own distinctive and somewhat comical positions, and with the sun beaming just right on each of them, providing an almost sparkle like look (think pixie dust), they looked magical.

“Wah~ I feel so bad for Joongjoong. These things always happen to him…”

“I don’t. It’s his own fault.”

“Aish, DeerMin, don’t you have a heart?!”

“Aigoo, don’t get so riled up SheepSu. We all know how forgetful Jaejoongie can be.”

“Right, if he would just set his alarm properly, he wouldn’t have this problem.”

“I know, RabbitChun… I just wish I could help him…”

“We all do.”

“I don’t.”

“Yah, what’s up your toosh, Min?”

“Me? I don’t want to hear that from somebody whose toosh is sitting on my ancestor.”

“Don’t dirty the name of Bambi by saying she’s related to you!”

“Calm down, TigerHo. DeerMin’s just angry because he knows how powerless he is and doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Awww, is the little deer in denial?”

“Shut up before I set My Little Minions on you.”

Magical, indeed.





Jaejoong sighed as he trudged down the sidewalk towards his house. There was practically a dark cloud looming over his hunched body, and, with each sigh slipping through his lips every other step, it wasn’t hard to distinguish the mood he was in.

Doe eyes, dark brown in shade, stared forlornly at the ground.

Stupid kids. Stupid teachers. Stupid school.

Sighing once more, he turned down the path leading up to his front door, taking a moment to check the driveway for cars and sighed once more when it was empty.

Home alone… again.

He entered his house, and with a shallow I’m home, he trailed up the stairs towards his room.

It would have been like any other day.

He would enter his room, set his bag on the floor, his homework forgotten, and lay on his bed. He would then browse the internet, maybe read a book, play a video game, and distract himself until his stomach began to growl with need. At that point, he’d go downstairs, scavenge the kitchen for food, and promptly return to his room to watch TV.

It wouldn’t be much later that he would fall asleep for the night.

It would have been like any other day… if when he was about to open his door, he hadn’t heard voices coming from within.

However, he had heard them, and Jaejoong had completely froze in fear.

“Wah~ I’m so handsome.”

“No, SheepSu, your face is a joke.”

Dolphin squeak.

“Holyshinki, I have legs-ow! Why did you pinch me?!”

“To see if this was real.”

“Then why didn’t you pinch yourself?”

“And, potentially injure myself? You got to be kidding.”

“You little…”

“Calm down! Sheesh… what time do you think Jaejoong will be coming home?”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened at the sound of his name (they were already wide from the previous conversation, but his name was easier for his brain to process at that point.) He could feel himself start to hyperventilate.

“… he usually gets home about at least a half hour ago.” A man with brunette hair mumbled. The concern was obvious in his almond eyes.

“Do you think he’s alright?” Another man asked. His previous ‘D’ smile (:D) was now turned down into a worried frown. (D:)

Just as another man was about to respond a loud thump was heard outside the bedroom door.

All four men shared a glance and then warily wobbled towards the sound.

Preparing himself for whatever it was, the man with almond eyes opened the door.

The instant the door was wide open, a gasp was heard, and they all raced towards Jaejoong’s unconscious body.

Kim Jaejoong had fainted.

One day, Jaejoong had come home, and his four stuffed animals weren’t so stuffed anymore.

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Oohhh. This is pretty interesting! Just a clarification though, will this be a YunJae fic or a JaeMin fic? I had to ask since you have soulfighters in one of your tags. Oh, good luck on this one.

I feel like i watch toy story when i read this.. Lol i love deermin so much~
Just hope jae will be ok to see his stuffs not so stuffed anymore. This a jaemin right?
I love writing about DeerMin. XD
Yes, it will have some YunJae, but the ending pairing is MinJae. ^^
eeeeeeee~ loved it *________* it will be jaemin right!! though i don't read anything expect yunjae i am really excited for jaemin.thank you for writing :)
Oh, how did the soft toys turned into human???? Looking forward to the updates.
There is a reason, but let's just say that it's creepy in the cutest way for now. :'D
This is so adorable! The 4 of them bickering was spot on. The more Changmin is grumpy and trying to aloof, the more I wanna hug him.
Thank you~ With the plans I have for DeerMin for the future, you're going to want to hug him even more~ x3