[Drabble] Cliche is as cliche does

Cliché is as Cliché does.

His hand hesitated.

Like there was an invisible force holding his arm in place, all he could do was stare at the door in front of him.

No matter how many commands he sent to his arm, his hand, his fingers- knock, dang it- they wouldn’t.

He couldn’t.

He couldn’t help but hesitate.

Each breath he took with each second that passed, it seemed as though the force strengthened. His determination receded. His resolve faded.

What was he even doing here?

His eyes began to flick to the right- his gaze continuously landing on the elevator doors.

He gulped and closed his eyes.

He found the strength to run his hands through his hair, and, with utter frustration, he fisted the ends and pulled on them.

He then proceeded to groan and childishly stomp his feet on the floor.

For heaven’s sake, he was just asking him on a date.

It’s not like he was proposing. Fuck.




“Um… may I help you?”

He snapped his eyes open took in the sight before him.

The door was open.


Jaejoong was in the doorway-

With his long, long, gorgeous legs wrapped in tight- oh god- skinny jeans, his torso snugly fit in a black v neck shirt, beautiful pursed lips, cute confused doe eyes- oh my freaking god.

Well, shit.

Yunho gaped, then he began to hyperventilate- are you alright?-, and finally, he twisted in place- eh, Yunho? Where are you- hey, wait!- and raced off. He bypassed the elevators without a single glance and headed straight for the emergency exit.

Ignoring the calls of his name, he shuffled his way down the stairs at the speed of light and prayed to all the gods and goddesses that Jaejoong didn’t- wouldn’t follow him.

His face began to turn red in embarrassment.

Why the hell did he run?

Shit, why the hell did he hyperventilate?

Pausing in his step, he covered his face and groaned.

He was ruined.



Jaejoong stared in bewilderment as he peered down the now empty hallway.

What... He tilted his head to side. …was that?

Quickly covering his mouth to stifle the chuckle that was forming, he turned around, closed the door, and paced back into the living room.

“Who was it?” A man’s head popped out from kitchen doorway.

Jaejoong cheeks tinted a light pink as he smiled to himself.

“Nobody.” He chirped, passing by Yoochun’s body-less head.

Noticing the secretive smile, Yoochun raised one of his eyebrows condescendingly and nodded.

“Right… and my love for you is bigger than a gingerbread man’s vitality… nobody, my ass.” He teased.

Watching how his friend’s smile seemed to only grow larger, he shook his head and rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

“I’m starving, so I’ll take that answer for now. Joongie~” He whined. “Make me dinner?” He pouted cutely.