Counting Stars [1/3]

Title: Counting Stars
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In which Yunho falls in love with a stranger on the bus.

Lately, I’ve been,
I’ve been losing sleep,
Dreaming about the things that we could be.

Lately, I’ve been,
I’ve been playing hard.

Sitting, no more counting dollars,
We’ll be counting,
We’ll be counting stars.

Jung Yunho didn’t know what he wanted in life, but he knew what he should be wanting; and those baseless thoughts were enough to push him blindly through his days.

At age eighteen, he would leave the house for university, major in business and marketing. At age twenty two, he would join a company and work his hours nine to five, carefully saving his every penny with each paycheck and setting it aside for when he would marry a woman his parents approved of.

By age thirty he would have a spouse of his own, and a year later, a baby, boy or girl, it didn’t matter cause given another two to fours years he would have another child- either gender, but, hopefully of the opposing sex to his first: one boy and one girl. He would continue to work in the company maybe get a promotion or two, buy a house in the most suitable location- close to his children’s schools, close enough to the local market, and not too far away from his work. He’d raise his children to be hard-working, thoughtful, kind, teach them to have their own minds, and most importantly, to be the opposite of him.

He didn’t know what he wanted in life, but he did know that he wouldn’t want his children to turn out like him. He would want them to know that it was their decision on what path they took, and that the conventional way, may not always be the best- the safest, maybe, but rarely liberating. That conventionality seemed to lack that significant aspect of life. He would want them to live life, not let it live them. Not like him, not pushed by other’s expectations, but only by their own.

He would want them to be happy.


Yunho stared at the sheet of paper on his desk, the lettering at the top big and bold and painful to his eyes. He continued to stare at the heading, his mind blank, pen in hand, heart numb, his ears deaf to the sounds around him.

He sighed, crumpled up the paper, and threw it in his bag.

He then laid his head on his arms and closed his eyes, waiting for the bell to ring.

The noisy chatter of peers excitedly sharing their thoughts with each other returned, and the paper in his bag unraveled slightly, giving sight to the bold heading once more- Career Choice.


He walked slowly down the street. His each step laborious as he knew what was waiting for him once he returned home.

He’s sure they have already received the phone call from his teacher.

He’s sure they’re already on the couch, siting side by side, their appearance matching in its intimidating perfection, not a wrinkle of clothing and not a hair out of place.

They’re probably frowning, discussing where they went wrong, cause nothing he ever did was right, not now, not before. He’s sure they would start with the same old words, the same old lecture, the same sigh of resignation as if they had already given up.

No, Yunho wasn’t ready for any of that.

He didn’t want to go home.

He turned around and backtracked his steps to the nearest bus stop.

He made up his mind.

He wasn’t going to return.

Not yet.


He made a list.

As he rocked side to side with the momentum of the bus and faintly listened to the names of districts being called out on the speaker, he penciled down his every stray thought.

He may not know what he wanted, but maybe he could find out.

First, he thought about what his parents expected of him- perfection for one thing, he needed to be smart, therefore, he needed to study and study some more even into the darkest hours of the night. Maybe today he won’t touch his textbooks. He won’t think about the pile of assignments in his old black binder organized by class, due date, and the percent of grade its worth. Maybe he should just trash the whole thing- his pen abruptly paused in its movement- no- he decided and crossed out everything he had just written. That would be wasted effort on his part, all those hours of work for nothing. He wouldn’t do that to himself.

His eyebrows furrowed in thought. In all honestly, he didn’t really know what his parents expected of him; he just knew that he never did anything right. Not his perfect grade average, not his magnitude of awards from his many athletic activities, not even when he did something simple like cook them breakfast, his food was too dried out, too seasoned, too bland, too undercooked, too much of this, too much of that, too much of everything. He wasn’t even in the right when he pushed himself to learn about topics his parents were interested in just so that he could hold a conversation with them. What are you doing wasting your time with this? You should be focusing on your studies. They said. He’s pretty sure they didn’t even realize that he did it for them.

Maybe he was thinking too inside the box; instead of doing the opposite of what his parents wanted, maybe he should just do what no parent would want of their children.

Maybe he should get a tattoo, or an ear piercing, or an eyebrow piercing, get golden teeth implanted, dye his hair, or- Yunho glanced up when the bus stopped. He darted his eyes around, unsure of where he was. He was at least an hour away from home, and he briefly thought that maybe he should get off here, it was a sufficient enough distance away from his house.

He was sliding his notebook into his bag when a flash of black caught his eye, and he fully looked up at the stranger that sat directly diagonal of him.

His breath caught.

His mind stopped.

His heart went into double-time.

Maybe, he thought, as he dropped his bag back on to the seat, the list completely forgotten, maybe he should wait a little longer.

The bus took off, and Yunho could only sit, mesmerized, and gasp in surprise at the sudden onslaught of fluttering in his stomach when the stranger turned in his seat, giving him the perfect view of the other’s profile, dark does eyes, pale smooth looking skin, his lips pursed in a pout. The stranger’s eyes were focused on the phone in his hand, and whatever he was reading was causing him distress; however, the wrinkle on his nose soon smoothened out and a small smile formed on the stranger’s lips.

Yunho only had one conscious thought in mind.



Yunho sat there for a good half hour- glancing every now and then at the beautiful stranger.

He wanted to walk up to him- suavely say hi, maybe start a conversation, find out the other’s name, where he was going, if he was single, maybe somehow make the other man fall in love with him, maybe convince him to marry him, and they could adopt children- twenty five of them- he would have more daughters than sons and- whoa, too fast. Way too fast. Yunho forced his eyes to look out the window, bewildered and honestly shocked by his own thought process.

Feeling the need to glance at the stranger once more, he closed his eyes instead and tried to sort out his thoughts.

Maybe he should write another list, but he made no movement to reach for his bag. He knew if he opened his eyes, he’d end up staring at the other man again.

He sighed and forced himself to relax.


He didn’t know how much had passed only that he felt the shaking of his shoulder and a gruff voice telling him to wake up.

Snapping his eyes open, he glanced around, a man- the bus driver, he realized- was standing in front him, a frown on his face. The bus was empty, and Yunho felt his heart drop when he noticed that the stranger was gone as well. He gazed up at the driver and absentmindedly nodded his head to the older man as he told him that he was at his last stop of the night.

Yunho stood, picked up his bag, and bowed in apology. The old man only shook his head and handed him a number for a nearby taxi service.

“You’ve been on here for six hours. I doubt you’re anywhere close to home.”

Yunho smiled in thanks and walked towards the exit; he spared one more look towards the stranger’s seat and then stepped off.

The bus drove away. Yunho felt an ache in his chest. He had missed whatever chance he had, and somehow, he thought, as he called for a taxi and waited for it come, it hurt more than anything he imagined his parents saying to him, any look he knew was sure to be aimed at him, and all thoughts that he would never be perfect enough.

For the first time in his life, he had wanted something, had pictured a future different from all expectations, had felt warmth at the thought of it- happiness.

But, now, it’s gone, and any possibility he had. It all disappeared with the stranger whose name he didn’t know cause he didn’t have the courage to step up and ask.

He knew that whatever he had just felt had slipped from his grasp, and that he would probably never feel it again.

The taxi pulled up in front of him.

Time to go home.


When Yunho returned home the next morning, he was grounded for half a year and lectured till his ears bled.


Months passed.

Graduation came and went.

Yunho was accepted into a nearby university, full scholarship. His major was Business and Marketing.

He never did meet the stranger again.

Perfection's Path of Enlightenment [Characters + Prologue]

Perfection's Path of Enlightenment

Rated: PG-13
Ending Pairing: Changmin/ Jaejoong
Warning: Cliche Highschool setting, Douche Yunho, AU, Mess of a fic, etc..

Disclaimer: I like Yunho. I do not think he is a douche. This is purely fictional.

Summary: Jaejoong has started down Perfection's path of enlightenment, and by the time Perfection is done, Jung Yunho will be but a thing of the past.



Main Character!
Kim Jaejoong

Perfection! The Best Friend Guru
Kim Heechul

Jung Yunho

Nerd! Love Interest
Shim Changmin

Dandy boy!
Park Yoochun

Dolphin boy! Yoochun's side-kick
Kim Junsu


Kim Jaejoong has been off and on with his long time boyfriend Jung Yunho for years.

After another dramatic break-up due to the ever cliche Jock Yunho/Cheerleader/Library Hook-up/Oops! busted situation, Jaejoong has had enough and decides to consult with his best friend, the school matchmaker and life guru Kim Heechul.

Having been given wise words as advice,

“Sweet heart, think outside the box. You’re more than just a stereotype.”

He takes them to heart and really begins to observe his surroundings, look outside his pretty little box, and try to bring things to a new perspective.

This leads him to Shim Changmin, the reclusive school nerd.

From his new perspective, things seem to be going well- his grades are improving, his parents seem more proud, and he has an almost-relationship that he really thinks could last.

But, then, the inevitable.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

The return of the ex-boyfriend.

The drama only continues to heighten however, when the same day that douche!jock Yunho returns, nerd Changmin confesses his everdying love for Jaejoong.

Now, Kim Jaejoong must make a choice.

Jung Yunho? The boy that’s familiar, his social group, and apparently wants to change, or Shim Changmin? The boy that’s different, new, sweet, and reliable.

Fear not though, for Perfection Kim Heechul will be sure to keep Jaejoong on the right path, of course, with the help of the ever lovely know-all Park Yoochun and his side-kick dolphin boy Kim Junsu as well.

Jaejoong has started down Perfection's path of enlightenment, and by the time Perfection is done, Jung Yunho will be but a thing of the past.

[Drabble] I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream


How to explain it? How to tell? How to know?

Who am I?



Sometimes I wonder…


First came the passing sound of car horns honked in the distance; next was the chattering of peers that filled the background, and, then, there was the screeching of a chair being forcibly pulled back.


Finally, there was a pair of brown eyes looking up- their attention switching from the pencil rolling back and forth on the desk to the tall, slim teenager beside him whose face expressed nothing more than concern. The pair of eyes then looked back down.

Sometimes I wonder,

That if I did this or that instead…

The tall teenager sighed and pulled the chair beside him back and sat down.

Two chairs. That’s two screeching chairs.

“You’re more quiet than usual- which says a lot since I barely hear a word from you a day. What’s up?”

Sometimes I wonder,

“I mean… you’re not even looking at me…”

Sometimes I wonder,


Sometimes I wonder,

“Will you at least say something?”

Sometimes I wonder,

That if I did this or that instead,

The teenager set his hand on the other’s shoulder and shook it lightly.

Sometimes I wonder, that if I did this or that differently, that if that happened instead of this, would-


Sometimes I wonder, would-


The tall teenager looked up, his eyes slightly watering. When the view of another, their expressive eyes and their usually smiling face blank, he tried to speak, but no words left his mouth. The other shook their head.

“Just leave him alone.”

“But, hyung…”

Sometimes I wonder,

“Hyung… he’s…”

“I know.”



Changmin looked back at Jaejoong, his expression clear of any emotion, his eyes cold and dead, and somehow, he couldn’t just leave him alone.

“Let me just try one more time.”


“Please, Yoochun-hyung. Just one more time.”

Yoochun sighed but nodded.

“Jaejoong… it’s me, Changmin.”


“I’m hungry. Don’t you want to feed me?”


“You used to everyday. Why won’t you anymore?”

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing-

“That’s enough. C’mon, let’s go.”


Changmin pulled his hand back. His teeth were biting his bottom lip, his eyes watering and quickly turning to tears. Clenching his fists, he abruptly turned around and raced towards the door.

“Min! Wait!”

Sometimes I wonder…

Changmin and Yoochun froze in place at the sudden sound of a chair clattering to the ground.

Three chairs. That’s three screeching chairs.

They both looked back and when the visual of Jaejoong's body laying on the floor, shaking, trembling, and the undeniable sounds of him muttering processed in their minds, they instantly ran towards the source.


Sometimes I wonder, that if I did this or that differently, that if that happened instead of this…

Yoochun’s hip hit the desk closes to him when he bounded over, causing a recorded tape of teenagers chattering in a classroom to hit the floor and quiet to a stop. Changmin who had already checked Jaejoong but was unable to do anything, was at the door again, throwing it open and calling for help.

Yoochun finally reached Jaejoong’s shaking body and pulled him into his arms.

“Jaejoong… it’s me, Yoochun. You’re okay. C’mon, it’s alright.” He cooed as he rocked them back and forth.

Jaejoong’s head rolled to one side, his eyes zeroing in on the scenery outside the window that was revealed when Changmin opened the door to the hallway. His muttering stopped.

A blanket of snow.

“Yah, Jaejoongie, slow down!” Laughter filled the air as the two teenagers ran through the streets.

Finally, a car horn blew in the distance.


And, winter’s first snowflake floated to the ground.

Sometimes I wonder, that if I did this or that differently, that if that happened instead of this…

Would things have been different?

[Drabble] Cliche is as cliche does

Cliché is as Cliché does.

His hand hesitated.

Like there was an invisible force holding his arm in place, all he could do was stare at the door in front of him.

No matter how many commands he sent to his arm, his hand, his fingers- knock, dang it- they wouldn’t.

He couldn’t.

He couldn’t help but hesitate.

Each breath he took with each second that passed, it seemed as though the force strengthened. His determination receded. His resolve faded.

What was he even doing here?

His eyes began to flick to the right- his gaze continuously landing on the elevator doors.

He gulped and closed his eyes.

He found the strength to run his hands through his hair, and, with utter frustration, he fisted the ends and pulled on them.

He then proceeded to groan and childishly stomp his feet on the floor.

For heaven’s sake, he was just asking him on a date.

It’s not like he was proposing. Fuck.




“Um… may I help you?”

He snapped his eyes open took in the sight before him.

The door was open.


Jaejoong was in the doorway-

With his long, long, gorgeous legs wrapped in tight- oh god- skinny jeans, his torso snugly fit in a black v neck shirt, beautiful pursed lips, cute confused doe eyes- oh my freaking god.

Well, shit.

Yunho gaped, then he began to hyperventilate- are you alright?-, and finally, he twisted in place- eh, Yunho? Where are you- hey, wait!- and raced off. He bypassed the elevators without a single glance and headed straight for the emergency exit.

Ignoring the calls of his name, he shuffled his way down the stairs at the speed of light and prayed to all the gods and goddesses that Jaejoong didn’t- wouldn’t follow him.

His face began to turn red in embarrassment.

Why the hell did he run?

Shit, why the hell did he hyperventilate?

Pausing in his step, he covered his face and groaned.

He was ruined.



Jaejoong stared in bewilderment as he peered down the now empty hallway.

What... He tilted his head to side. …was that?

Quickly covering his mouth to stifle the chuckle that was forming, he turned around, closed the door, and paced back into the living room.

“Who was it?” A man’s head popped out from kitchen doorway.

Jaejoong cheeks tinted a light pink as he smiled to himself.

“Nobody.” He chirped, passing by Yoochun’s body-less head.

Noticing the secretive smile, Yoochun raised one of his eyebrows condescendingly and nodded.

“Right… and my love for you is bigger than a gingerbread man’s vitality… nobody, my ass.” He teased.

Watching how his friend’s smile seemed to only grow larger, he shook his head and rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

“I’m starving, so I’ll take that answer for now. Joongie~” He whined. “Make me dinner?” He pouted cutely.

He was going to die today. [Drabble]

He was going to die today.

That was what flashed through the man’s mind as the masked figure to his right led him by the arm towards the open platform.

He could clearly hear the light chatter coming from the awaiting audience. He felt the heightened atmosphere of anticipation; he could even smell the distinct scent of the town’s delicacy. It was a luxury only cooked during celebratory events, and the idea that the town’s people were openly considering his death as a festive moment, made the man want to puke out the little food he was given during his short imprisonment.

He was only trying to help them, but that’s how humans were. He knew that well enough.

Appreciation is only awarded to those the ones in power believed to be equal.

His difference made him undeserving, and now he was being axed for stepping out of the precarious boundaries they had built for him.

He realized now that no matter what he was trying to do, whether it was for the greater good or not, his fate had been determined the second he was born. They had just been waiting for the perfect moment to enact it.

That’s why he had already resigned.

That’s why, with each step he took that brought him closer to the sharpened axe awaiting him, he felt calmer, relieved, less burdened.

Finally, he thought, I will be free.

The noisy crowd quieted down upon his entrance.

He didn’t look up.

He didn’t want to see their faces.

He closed his eyes and allowed the masked man to lead him to his position.

One step closer, the sound of his breath inhaling and exhaling at a quick pace was the only thing his ears picked up.

Kneeling down on his knees, the beat of his heart synced with the pulse of his head.

When his was neck grabbed and strongly pushed down, he swallowed his regret.

It was after the cold of the wood touched his heated body that all his senses seemed to finally come to a halt.

He released the breath he didn’t know he was holding and waited.

“I thank all that gathered here today, for the execution of this man, Kim Jaejoong. May, with death, his sins be forgiven.”

The last thing he felt before hearing the whoosh of the falling axe, was a strange, unfamiliar sense of peace.



Jaejoong scrunched his eyes at the sudden heat warming his eyelids. He moved his body around so that his back was facing whatever was the cause.


He didn’t want to wake up, yet. He was too comfortable. The most comfortable he has ever been. This must be what heaven feels like.


He swatted his hand in the air in an attempt to make the annoying sound go away.

Wait... He thought. ...sound?

“You. Ugh, this is the last time I volunteer for guide duty.”

Jaejoong’s head flew upwards, his eyes wide and frightened.

His eyes only widened more when the sight of another man who appeared to be around his age was in a crouched position not too far from his head.

Their eyes met, and Jaejoong could feel the peace from not too long ago settle within him again, consequently and unwillingly calming his nerves and helping clear his befuddled mind.

The guy smiled upon noticing the deer in headlights look on Jaejoong’s face and let out a small chuckle.

“Hey, don’t look so scared. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Jaejoong swallowed down the word vomit threatening to spill out, and instead inquired, “Who are you?”

The man’s smile only grew as he reached out his hand for a handshake.

“There we go! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Kim Junsu, and I will be your guide for the day.”

Jaejoong could only nod dumbly and shake the man’s hand in return.


They were in a town.

Jaejoong had no clue what was happening.

Junsu hadn’t even attempted an explanation. The man seemed to be his own little world as he led Jaejoong around the area pointing out random stuff and rambling nonsensically about things only he understood.

“And, those stairs over there is where Chun fell and busted his head open. He bled like crazy. It’s a good thing we’re in the Apex; otherwise, he probably would have died. And that over there is where Min likes to take his nap. According to him, out of the whole town, that place is the perfect location because you can get to any restaurant at moment’s notice... And there is where dolphins jump over the moon-”


Just as Jaejoong was about to tug on Junsu’s sleeve to catch his attention, another man materialized out of what appeared to nowhere and bulldozed the other to the ground.

“Yah! Su, here you are. I’ve been looking all over for you!”

Junsu grumbled a bit, but as soon as he recognized the new addition, his countenance changed back to its previous cheer.


The latter laughed.


Jaejoong could only stare as he watched the two companions repeat each other’s names back and forth with childish grins on their faces.

Feeling more and more lost, Jaejoong finally took a step forward and patted Junsu on the arm. Before he could even get a word out however, Junsu’s head whipped in his direction. His smile widened even more if possible.

“Ah! That’s right! Yoochun, this is my new friend. New friend this is Park Yoochun.”

Yoochun grinned at him and tilted his head in greeting.

“Nice to meet you, new friend.”

Junsu did a little hop in place and then abruptly threw an arm over Jaejoong’s shoulder and pulled him into a side hug.

“My new friend is such a great listener... not at all like Min, thank goodness.” He exclaimed happily.

Yoochun nodded noncommittally and sent Jaejoong a knowing smirk.  “Was he listening, or were you just not giving him the chance to speak?” He teased, pulling Jaejoong out of Junsu’s hold.

Junsu was about to retaliate when, suddenly, he paused.

Glancing apologetically at Jaejoong, he scratched the back of his head and chuckled guiltily.

“Haha, I guess I did... Sorry.” Junsu paused in his scratching and titled his head with false cuteness.

“And, I just realized... I don’t even know your name.”

Without warning, Yoochun’s easy-going gaze changed and hardened.

“Junsu...” He started. “Jokes aside... have you let this man talk whatsoever? Answered his questions? Have you even provided him the necessary information, yet?”

Junsu’s head dropped.

Yoochun groaned.


They were now seated around a table.

Cups of teas were placed in front of each of them.

It was silent as Yoochun had his arms crossed, giving Junsu a reproachful look. The said man was pouting in reply and absentmindedly stirring his tea.

Yoochun sighed and offered the obviously antsy Jaejoong a slight smile.

“It’s usually not this bad. On a normal day, we would have you already settling in by now, not lost or confused in the least, but it seems that our volunteer guide for the day was slacking off... again.” Yoochun glared. “You must have a lot of questions. I apologize about what’s happened so far. Feel free to ask away.” He spoke.

Jaejoong nodded gratefully and thought of the one question that had been on his mind since the moment he woke up.

“Where am I?” He asked carefully. His wariness was apparent causing Yoochun to send Junsu another scolding look.

“You’re in the Apex.” He finally answered.

“The Apex...” Jaejoong repeated with a nod of his head. “Junsu did mention that earlier.”

At the sound of his name and the words that followed, Junsu’s ears twitched, and a broad smile stretched across his face.

“See? I did tell him where he was! I wasn’t completely slacking off.” He exclaimed.

Yoochun ignored the latter’s claim in favor of continuing his explanation.

“Yes, the Apex. There is three worlds altogether- the Underworld, the Medial, and the Apex. Before your death, you had resided in the Medial...”

“So, I am dead...” Jaejoong muttered. A grim look flashed across his face, and Junsu frowned.

Placing a hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder, he responded, his voice uncharacteristically serious. “Yes, Jaejoong. The reason you’re here now is because you’ve already passed. I should have explained this to you earlier. I apologize for my lack of consideration. It’s okay to feel down, but before you make any conclusions, let Yoochun finish first...”

Yoochun nodded and too placed a hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder.

“Humans that die in the Medial are usually not sent here... For most cases, they are reincarnated and allowed another chance in that world. But, you were sent here which means that death wasn’t the end to your life but a new beginning.” He continued.

Jaejoong sat still, processing these words.

“People that are sent here, Jaejoong... me and Junsu included, all have lived unfair, unfulfilled, and unhappy lives. This is our second chance, and now this is your second chance as well.”

Jaejoong thought about his previous life- all the disdain, hatred, loneliness...

A second chance...? That seems too good to be true.

He slowly looked up and met the other men’s eyes and the absolute sincerity in both of them. The same peaceful feeling he felt those two other times returned.

And, Jaejoong felt like crying.

What's Loved, Lives


It was one of those bittersweet summer days where the weather’s aweing; nature is blooming beautifully, and everything that can go wrong, does.

Its wasn’t enough for Kim Jaejoong to oversleep and inevitably miss his first class of the day (the one class that he had to go to summer school for due to failure to attend in the first place). He also had to trip down the stairs, rip his pants leg on a nail that just so happened to be jutting out of the wall, and run back up the stairs to change, only to realize that all his clothes were dirty.

It then occurred to him while he was sniffing the clothes in his basket for a pair of somewhat clean pants that he might have, probably, most likely, forgot to do his homework-again.


It was 10 AM by the time Jaejoong was finally sprinting out of his house and hoping for nothing that he wouldn’t be late for his next class.

(He was late, but we won’t get into that. Jaejoong pitifully sniffled to himself as he sat outside the classroom as punishment. Well, at the least teacher didn’t check his homework.)





Meanwhile in Jaejoong’s empty and now messy room, rays of sunlight peeked through the window, highlighting the desk in front of it. It was quite large in size- boastful in length and width- and just perfect for all the stuff that Jaejoong had scattered about on it.

The half of the desk closest to Jaejoong’s leather chair was covered in books, papers, pens, pencils, and balled up ideas left to be trashed. The other half by the window, however, was left completely untouched, save for the four objects occupying the grand space.

To the far left corner of the desk was a stuffed Deer animal; it sat almost majestically (as majestic as a stuffed animal can get, at least) in a throne like chair. Next to it was a stuffed Sheep animal laid precariously on a flat soccer ball, and to the sheep’s right was a Tiger animal; a small Bambi blanket was wrapped securely around it. Finally, next to the tiger and to the far right, was a pink stuffed Rabbit animal. It had a cute little bow tie and headphones hanging around its neck.

They each were set in their own distinctive and somewhat comical positions, and with the sun beaming just right on each of them, providing an almost sparkle like look (think pixie dust), they looked magical.

“Wah~ I feel so bad for Joongjoong. These things always happen to him…”

“I don’t. It’s his own fault.”

“Aish, DeerMin, don’t you have a heart?!”

“Aigoo, don’t get so riled up SheepSu. We all know how forgetful Jaejoongie can be.”

“Right, if he would just set his alarm properly, he wouldn’t have this problem.”

“I know, RabbitChun… I just wish I could help him…”

“We all do.”

“I don’t.”

“Yah, what’s up your toosh, Min?”

“Me? I don’t want to hear that from somebody whose toosh is sitting on my ancestor.”

“Don’t dirty the name of Bambi by saying she’s related to you!”

“Calm down, TigerHo. DeerMin’s just angry because he knows how powerless he is and doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Awww, is the little deer in denial?”

“Shut up before I set My Little Minions on you.”

Magical, indeed.





Jaejoong sighed as he trudged down the sidewalk towards his house. There was practically a dark cloud looming over his hunched body, and, with each sigh slipping through his lips every other step, it wasn’t hard to distinguish the mood he was in.

Doe eyes, dark brown in shade, stared forlornly at the ground.

Stupid kids. Stupid teachers. Stupid school.

Sighing once more, he turned down the path leading up to his front door, taking a moment to check the driveway for cars and sighed once more when it was empty.

Home alone… again.

He entered his house, and with a shallow I’m home, he trailed up the stairs towards his room.

It would have been like any other day.

He would enter his room, set his bag on the floor, his homework forgotten, and lay on his bed. He would then browse the internet, maybe read a book, play a video game, and distract himself until his stomach began to growl with need. At that point, he’d go downstairs, scavenge the kitchen for food, and promptly return to his room to watch TV.

It wouldn’t be much later that he would fall asleep for the night.

It would have been like any other day… if when he was about to open his door, he hadn’t heard voices coming from within.

However, he had heard them, and Jaejoong had completely froze in fear.

“Wah~ I’m so handsome.”

“No, SheepSu, your face is a joke.”

Dolphin squeak.

“Holyshinki, I have legs-ow! Why did you pinch me?!”

“To see if this was real.”

“Then why didn’t you pinch yourself?”

“And, potentially injure myself? You got to be kidding.”

“You little…”

“Calm down! Sheesh… what time do you think Jaejoong will be coming home?”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened at the sound of his name (they were already wide from the previous conversation, but his name was easier for his brain to process at that point.) He could feel himself start to hyperventilate.

“… he usually gets home about at least a half hour ago.” A man with brunette hair mumbled. The concern was obvious in his almond eyes.

“Do you think he’s alright?” Another man asked. His previous ‘D’ smile (:D) was now turned down into a worried frown. (D:)

Just as another man was about to respond a loud thump was heard outside the bedroom door.

All four men shared a glance and then warily wobbled towards the sound.

Preparing himself for whatever it was, the man with almond eyes opened the door.

The instant the door was wide open, a gasp was heard, and they all raced towards Jaejoong’s unconscious body.

Kim Jaejoong had fainted.

One day, Jaejoong had come home, and his four stuffed animals weren’t so stuffed anymore.

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One day, Jaejoong came home with a child.

One day, Jaejoong had come home with a child by his side.

None of them had questioned it; it was Jaejoong after all. It wasn’t a strange occurrence, and it was easy, at the time, for them to assume that Jaejoong was just being his normal kind and giving self.

Maybe the kid was lost, and Jaejoong was allowing him to stay there until the child’s mother was able to pick him up.

Maybe the kid was a nephew of Jaejoong’s, and he was simply taking care of him for his sister.

Maybe this; maybe that; it really didn’t make a difference.

At that moment, it really had been just a common Jaejoong happening.

It’s in retrospect, however, that they realize. They realize that at that moment- that moment, they could have made a difference.
And, that maybe, maybe, if they had done something at that time, that maybe… just maybe

Even now, they still aren’t able to finish that sentence.


One day, Jaejoong came home with a child by his side.

They didn’t think anything of it and simply shrugged it off.

Jaejoong didn’t say anything, either.


They started seeing the child around more often. The boy had a chic look about him that resembled Jaejoong to the tee. He followed Jaejoong around like a little baby chick, his hair styled amicably and his eyes covered by branded sunglasses.

He looked like a mini Jaejoong, and the visual of the child jogging behind Jaejoong, his legs too short to keep up with Jaejoong’s long strides was just too adorable.

They wanted to inquire, but, instead, they thought to themselves, why should they?

It was all so harmless.


It was when they started seeing the child around almost all the time, when they realized that nobody aside from them seemed to even acknowledge the kid’s existence, that they really took a step back and wondered.

It was Yunho that was the first to ask.

It was Jaejoong’s look of bewilderment that made a dreaded feeling build in their guts.

And, it was his words that made them pale.

“What child?”

None of them were able to sleep that night.


They could still see the child- only now, it was all the time, and the child’s way of dressing was much more down, more comfortable. Less like the idol Jaejoong they see, and he was more like the Jaejoong they know.

They realized the child never glanced at them. He only had his eyes on Jaejoong.

He was also permanently frowning.


In retrospect, maybe they were observing the child too much, and not looking at Jaejoong enough.


It was Yoochun who discovered something strange.

Well, something strange to add to the already strange and disturbing situation.

The child followed Jaejoong around everywhere, never leaving him for a second, but, at night, when Jaejoong went to sleep, the child seemed to disappear completely.


They realize now why that was so.


On a particularly bad day for all of them, where scolding seemed to be the only type of acknowledgement, they noticed something new.

Whereas Jaejoong was trying to be positive and bring up the depressed mood, the child was crying.

He was literally wailing.

His face was in his hands, his shoulders moving up and down, and his whole body was trembling.

But, they couldn’t hear anything.

They couldn’t hear the child’s cries.


It was after that day, that the child became increasingly expressive.

Whenever something exciting was occurring for them, he was bursting with energy.

Whenever they were praised and recognized for all their hard work, the child was smiling and jumping in place.

Whenever bad news hit the group, the child would have his head down, and he would cry.

Whenever something terrifying (be it funny or not) happened, the child was always the first to run.

He expressed what they all wished they could.


Despite it all, they grew used to having the child there- so used to it that they actually felt fear, concern, panicked, when one day, the child wasn’t.


Maybe all along they had known who the child was, what it was there for, maybe that was why they reacted so extremely to its disappearance- because, maybe, subconsciously, they knew what that meant.


It was the day that they were able to hear the child’s screams that they knew.

They knew.

They also ran, ran with all they could to the source.

Because… they knew.


The child stood there. His hair was its natural raven black. His clothes childlike.

His screams of distress bounced around the bathroom. Tears were pouring down his face.

The child stood there, and at his feet, was a vision of a man they knew well, and red.

Too much red.

The child stood there and slowly began to fade.

Changmin was the first one to the phone.

Yoochun was on his knees- his cries echoing along with the child’s.

Junsu was holding Yoochun.

Yunho was frozen.

The child stood there.

But, they knew.

It wasn’t the child standing there.

It was Jaejoong.


One day, Jaejoong had come home with a child.

The child was painted red.

Jaejoong didn’t say anything though.

Love Me True: Prologue

Love Me True

Description: Once upon a flash of light, there was a glance from one, and the other's gaze met it. Their souls in that single moment intertwined, and their hearts began to dance to the beat of a story of old. A story about true love.

Once upon a time?

It wouldn't be wrong to declare that this story did happen at this one point in time, and this story is definitely fantastical enough to deserve such a lighthearted beginning.

Yet, I find that starting line to be too ambiguous.

This story is like a fairy-tale, rich with impossibility (Or, not? Everything is possible, right?) and finalized with an inevitable happy ending. However, it's not just once upon a time in a kingdom far away and secluded from the world.

No, I know exactly what year this story takes place- what area this tale will unravel piece by piece in- and, it's definitely not secluded.

No 'mam, no sir. This land is probably one of the most open-to-all areas you will ever have the chance to feast your eyes upon.

In fact, it's a city that thrives on all the different races that both reside in and visit it.

It's a hot spot on every traveler's map.

I wouldn't want to begin this story like every other narrator; I believe that it deserves its own original (now, that, I know is impossible. Originality? Pff.) beginning.

Therefore, cough, cough, ahem, ahem, let's start this over again.

Once upon the year 2015 in an Earth alternate to ours, there is a city called Seoul that's known widely for its diversity. Races of all kind take rest there- Humans, Derpinians, Cimins, Resus, and even the beloved Sunyuns.

It's a city busting with life and glowing with glory. Races from all over the universe come to experience the told dreams that has been said to only occur in this one place.

In this fantastical land, where dreams come true, we're going to focus on two people in particular. One is a human- beautiful and kind. Another is a sunyun- handsome and loyal.

And, how, once upon a flash of light, there was a glance from one, and the other's gaze met it. Their souls in that single moment intertwined, and their hearts began to dance to the beat of a story of old.

A story about true love.

[Drabble] Days Never Forgotten


A/N: A drabble inspired by the picture above. I had written it towards the end of 2011.

      It was a perfect day. A day none of them would ever forget.

         Five pairs of eyes were gazing contently at the setting sun, their bodies sitting in a relaxed position on the warm sand. There was a ginger breeze every now and then, ruffling their styled hair.

         One pair of almond eyes glanced to the right, the sillouette of the youngest member as clear as day sat calm like always and for once, satifisfied. His almond eyes then slowly peeked to the left, the stance of three others filling his view.

         The first person his eyes settled upon was the group's moodmaker, the one and only beauty, their chef, and his closest friend. His eyes were closed, his face showed pure content in its relaxed manner. A smile adorned him nicely.

         The almond eyes then moved slowly to the next person. Micky, micky, their micky. An awkward and friendly man, a blessing. He was seated with his body leaning back and his arms supporting him, his legs bent inward. A smile also gracing his face, his eyes watching the ethereal view in front of him.

         Finally, his eyes glanced over to the last person. Their angel, Xiah. Like Micky, his arms were supporting him as he leaned back. His legs were out-stretched comfortably in front of him. His eyes were closed, and his face was tilted upward, bathing in the light.

         Almond eyes slowly looked over to view in front as well. He closed his eyes and smiled.

         It was a rarity that they could relax like this, all of them together. Nobody's schedules overlapping another's.

         For him, it really was the perfect day, and definitely one he would never forget.
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