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What's Loved, Lives
Kim Jaejoong is a collector of stuffed animals. He has hundreds piled around his room ranging from normal bears and rabbits to eccentric aliens and unidentifiable creatures. He has four, however, that he favors over the rest- a deer, a sheep, a tiger, and a rabbit. When he was eight years old, he had found them at a cheap stand in the market and instantly fell in love with each of them. Eight years have passed since that day; a stuffed animal bought here, a plushy bought there, and he is now sixteen years old. One day, he came home, and those four stuffed animals weren't so stuffed anymore. Inspired by balloons



Chapter 1/1


Chapter 1/1

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He was going to die today. [Drabble]

He realized now that no matter what he was trying to do, whether it was for the greater good or not, his fate had been determined the second he was born. They had just been waiting for the perfect moment to enact it.

One day, Jaejoong came home with a child.

One day, Jaejoong came home with a child by his side.

They didn’t think anything of it and simply shrugged it off.

Jaejoong didn’t say anything, either.

[Drabble] Days Never Forgotten

It was a perfect day. A day none of them would ever forget.