[Drabble] Days Never Forgotten


A/N: A drabble inspired by the picture above. I had written it towards the end of 2011.

      It was a perfect day. A day none of them would ever forget.

         Five pairs of eyes were gazing contently at the setting sun, their bodies sitting in a relaxed position on the warm sand. There was a ginger breeze every now and then, ruffling their styled hair.

         One pair of almond eyes glanced to the right, the sillouette of the youngest member as clear as day sat calm like always and for once, satifisfied. His almond eyes then slowly peeked to the left, the stance of three others filling his view.

         The first person his eyes settled upon was the group's moodmaker, the one and only beauty, their chef, and his closest friend. His eyes were closed, his face showed pure content in its relaxed manner. A smile adorned him nicely.

         The almond eyes then moved slowly to the next person. Micky, micky, their micky. An awkward and friendly man, a blessing. He was seated with his body leaning back and his arms supporting him, his legs bent inward. A smile also gracing his face, his eyes watching the ethereal view in front of him.

         Finally, his eyes glanced over to the last person. Their angel, Xiah. Like Micky, his arms were supporting him as he leaned back. His legs were out-stretched comfortably in front of him. His eyes were closed, and his face was tilted upward, bathing in the light.

         Almond eyes slowly looked over to view in front as well. He closed his eyes and smiled.

         It was a rarity that they could relax like this, all of them together. Nobody's schedules overlapping another's.

         For him, it really was the perfect day, and definitely one he would never forget.
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